Unique e-mail addresses for user registration

by jerry on February 11, 2012
We've gotten a number of inquiries about what to do when registering with an e-mail address that is already used for another account. Originally, the software would prevent that, requiring users to use an unique e-mail address for each account. Over time, we learned that some office managers might claim the profiles for multiple doctors in their offices, and therefore would like to re-use the same e-mail address. In light of that, we've relaxed the requirement so that e-mail addresses no longer need to be unique.

However, if you can have unique e-mail addresses, we encourage you to do so -- for example, it will be less confusing whenever you need to reset your password. To that end, a warning is displayed to encourage you to change your e-mail address if it is being shared; it's just a request and not a requirement.