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  • Elizabeth A. Howard DO
    Elizabeth A. Howard DO

    Internal Medicine (Adult Medicine)

    Average rating 5.0 stars out of 5

    Dr. Howard is my favorite

    "The address for Dr. Howard is incorrect, It is 2827 Route 9, Valatie, NY 12184D Dr. Howard always takes time to discuss whatev..."

    Dec 2018
  • Mrs. Ewa Ruel M.D.
    Mrs. Ewa Ruel M.D.

    Adult Endocrinology

    Average rating 5.0 stars out of 5

    Best Endocrinologist

    "I have been seeing Endo Doctors since for over 40 years and Dr. Ruel is the best one I have had. "

    Dec 2018
  • Dr. Anthony J. Ricketti M.D.
    Dr. Anthony J. Ricketti M.D.

    Adult Pulmonology,  Allergy & Immunology

    Average rating 5.0 stars out of 5

    Great Doctor

    "I have been a patient of Dr. Ricketti for many years and refer patients all the time to his practice. Staff is incredible."

    Dec 2018