About DocSpot

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, DocSpot was founded in June 2009 with a mission of helping people make better healthcare decisions. Officially launched in August 2010, DocSpot.com empowers people to find providers that are right for their individual needs by increasing the transparency and navigability of relevant information.

Using an integrative approach, DocSpot pulls together data from over 600 publicly available sources into one unified interface. Sources include state medical boards, hospital and clinic physician directories, and reviews from around the web. The sources of the data on each provider's profile page are shown for the convenience of both the prospective patient and the provider. To keep the data fresh, DocSpot re-visits the sources on a regular basis.

DocSpot believes that "right" care can mean very different things to each person and that doctors are as multidimensional as their patients. With that in mind, we developed a variety of innovative ways for users to search, filter, and select providers that fit their own unique requirements. Our service does not attempt to determine which doctors are "better" than others — instead, DocSpot offers information that allows each user to quickly find the providers that fit his or her individual needs.

DocSpot strives to provide a comprehensive online provider directory where patients can easily look for doctors that suit their individual needs, and where providers can ensure that the right patients find them. With coverage in over 40 metropolitan areas, and plans to continue to grow, we hope to help people easily find the doctors they need.

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