Keep the name, please

by jerry on December 18, 2011
While we get a number of providers who add information to their profiles, we sometimes get a request from people who would like a profile to be completely deleted. As mentioned earlier, we view ourselves as a tool for transparency, so that's not something that we support. We certainly believe that providers should be able to hide certain information such as phone numbers. For a while, we allowed users to hide their first and last names, thinking that someone might want to correct a misspelling.

It turns out that at least one person tried to effectively delete a profile by hiding the first and last names associated with that profile. We're now changing the policy so that users cannot hide their first and last names. In the future, we might allow some variant whereby people can hide one form (in case there is a misspelling), but for now, users can at most mark something as incorrect. If you have any thoughts on this, let us know.