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Recent Patient Reviews

  • Nancy Behrens
    Dr. Nancy Virginia Behrens MD

    Neurology (Brain & Spinal Cord Disease), Sleep Medicine

    I Highly Recomment Dr. Behrens

    "Dr. Behrens has been outstanding in every respect from diagnosis and treatment to follow-up. Her staff has always been professiona..."

    by shodan816, Nov 2014
  • Chad Clark
    Dr. Chad Jeremy Clark DO

    Family Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynecology

    what a guy!

    "Dr. clark delivered our son Waylon only 10 days ago. I had some serious reservations about my induction. Dr. Clark was very empathe..."

    by vamitche, Nov 2014
  • Bryan Kansas
    Bryan Todd Kansas MD

    Urology (Urinary Tract Disease)

    Love Dr. Kansas!

    "Love Dr. Kansas! Always listens to everything, and is such a great guy! I have sent several friends (and my husband) his way!"

    by jsexton1010, Nov 2014