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Recent Patient Reviews

  • Charles Hux
    Charles Howard Hux

    Maternal and Fetal Medicine (Perinatology)


    "Dr. Hux and the whole staff were so amazing. None of the joy that my son brought to my life now would be possible without him. As o..."

    by aretar789, Jun 2016
  • Steven Nakajima
    Steven Tamotsu Nakajima MD

    Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility

    highly recommend!

    "truly a wonderful bedside manner, clearly explained all steps in the process, and included my husband in the conversation. with twi..."

    by jaimebott, Jun 2016
  • Michael Carlisle
    Michael P Carlisle MD

    Plastic Surgery

    Amazing Mommy Makeover

    "I had a tummy tuck and breast surgery from Dr. Carlisle. I was SUPER impressed. When my girlfriend recommended him, I looked him up..."

    by delilah1, Jun 2016