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Recent Patient Reviews

  • Deepali Sen
    Dr. Deepali Prabir Sen MD

    Adult Rheumatology

    Awesome Doctor

    "I think Dr. Sen is really good! She listens to my concerns, asks lots of questions and gives me options. She is the only doctor wh..."

    by blh121765, Oct 2014
  • Miranda Hardee
    Dr. Miranda Hardee MD

    Urology (Urinary Tract Disease)

    Thank you

    "You are my angel. You have finally found my problem. Thank you much."

    by pherrera109, Oct 2014
  • Jared Williams
    Jared Tate Williams MD

    Family Medicine

    Great M.D.

    "Dr. Williams is truly a fine physician. I couldn't imagine a finer GP. As a husband and father of five children, he has intimate ..."

    by need2know, Oct 2014