At DocSpot, our mission is to connect people with the right health care by helping them navigate publicly available information. We believe the first step of that mission is to help connect people with an appropriate medical provider, and we look forward to helping people navigate other aspects of their care as the opportunities arise. We are just at the start of that mission, so we hope you will come back often to see how things are developing.

An underlying philosophy of our work is that right care means different things to different people. We also recognize that doctors are multidimensional people. So, instead of trying to determine which doctors are "better" than others, we offer a variety of filter options that individuals can apply to more quickly discover providers that fit their needs.

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Insurance premiums are expected to rise

As 2018 looms closer, people are watching for insurance companies' filings to get a sense of what will happen to next year's premiums. Some insurers have already announced that their premiums would be higher in anticipation of the White House not continuing certain subsidies. The Wall Street Journal reports large premium hikes, even without the uncertainty around those cost-sharing subsidies. Highmark Health, for example, is reported to have expected a premium increase of around 20% in Delaware without considering the loss of the cost-sharing subsidies.

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Scheduled maintenance

We plan on installing some operating system updates this Friday, June 9th. This site is expected to be unavailable as early as 10 AM PST and as late as 6 AM, Saturday, June 10th.

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California Senate votes for single-payer health

Noted in several publications, the California Senate voted for the state government to become the single payer for healthcare in the state. The bill will go to the California Assembly for additional discussion. According to The Mercury News, even one of the bill's sponsors dubbed the bill "a work in progress." Significantly, the bill omits key details, including a way for paying for the system.

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New FDA leadership engages with drug prices

Previously, FDA has generally taken the stance that its role has been to ensure safety and efficacy of medications. Sometimes, the FDA would address issues of availability (e.g. in the case of rare diseases), but it has eschewed drug pricing. The Wall Street Journal reports that the new FDA commissioner is changing tack by proposing policies that will encourage competition. Among the proposals is to accelerate the review of generics. It also sounds like the plan is to make it easier for a manufacturer to prove equivalence, including generic equivalents of Mylan's EpiPen.

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Against overtesting

Often times, we might think it's better to "be safe than sorry" and in the medical context, that could mean ordering unnecessary tests. California Healthline reported on the financial costs of unnecessary tests (estimated by some to be at least $200 billion) and in some cases, the health costs of excessive testing.

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