What is Epilation for Trichiasis?

Trichiasis is a condition where the eyelashes grow incorrectly inward toward the eye. It may be only a few stray lashes, or it may be the entire lash line. As the lashes rub against the eye, they can cause pain and redness. In severe cases, trichiasis can even lead to scratching and damage of the eye. Epilation, or the removal of eyelashes, is used to treat trichiasis.

If only a few lashes are turned inward, they can be removed simply by regular plucking. A doctor can perform the removal, or a patient might learn how to do it at home. Although it must be performed again every few weeks, this treatment is simple and very cost-effective.

If a large number of lashes are turned inward, permanent removal such as electrolysis is preferable. Performed by a doctor, a tiny probe is inserted into each follicle one at a time, and radiofrequency or electricity is applied to kill the lash. False lashes can then be worn in the proper position to give a neat appearance without the pain of trichiasis.