What is Blepharoptosis Repair?

Blepharoptosis repair is surgery to repair drooping eyelids. In some people, due to stretching or aging of the muscles around the eye, one or both eyelids become harder and harder to open fully. The upper eyelid droops down and may cover part of the eye. This gives a permanently sleepy appearance and may affect vision.

During the surgery, the doctor makes a tiny incision in a tendon near the eye. This tightens and strengthens the muscle that controls the upper eyelid. If needed, a blepharoptosis repair may be done along with blepharoplasty, or the removal of excess tissue that is making the eyelid puffy or saggy.

In certain rare, more severe cases the drooping eyelid is caused by damage to the nerves around the eye. In these cases a surgeon can create a type of sling to attach the upper eyelid to the muscles around the eyebrow, allowing the patient to open and close their eye.

In most cases, the surgery and recovery are both quick and easy. The entire procedure takes only about 15 minutes, is done under local anesthesia, and has a short recovery time.