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Charles Allen Hughes LCPC, MA
Specializes in Counseling
Average rating 1.0 stars out of 5 (1 rating)
Address: 1011 Lake Street, Oak Park, IL 60301
Clinical Interests: family therapy services, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Gottman Method couples therapy ... (Read more)
"Filed with the IL Dept. of Financial & Professional Regulation ... "I sought out Mr. Hughes for marital counseling & attended approximately 10+ couple sessions over a 3 month period. Towards the end of that period I expressed to him during several meetings that group discussions were so heavily moderated after the first few minutes that little opportunity existed to voice many thoughts I had waited for days to carefully express. I further expressed to him that my urgent desire to be heard more during sessions resulted in part from the fact that my wife refused to discuss many subjects without him present; in other words, his one hour sessions (approximately every 7-10 days) were the only available window for communication with my spouse about sensitive subjects. It wasnt my expectation at all that Mr. Hughes would fix my marriage for me, but I never expected him to unethically enable its further demise by abusing his position as a licensed clinical counselor. Over 3 months of counseling I grew to find his services increasingly suspect & unprofessional for a multitude of reasons: 1) he occasionally glossed over subjects by grossly oversimplifying them (w/o allowing further discussion); 2) he vaguely criticized my behavior during solo sessions yet, when asked, often could not sufficiently elaborate or even suggest healthier alternatives; & 3) he suspended couple sessions indefinitely to counsel us individually despite my much expressed concern that no opportunity existed in his absence to apply the recurring advice he did give. Unfortunately the space limitations of this form wont allow me to fully specify exactly what those actions were to illustrate the three examples above. However two unrelated incidents stand out as so grossly & overtly unethical that they must be further described here. During my last couple session I attempted to briefly read from my notes a few examples of actions exemplifying my love for my wife. This occurred after telling Mr. Hughes how important it was to me & expressing serious concern that the opportunity may never materialize. Minutes after this casual conversation the session began when my wife arrived, & Mr. Hughes shockingly refused to allow me to read from my notes; he explicitly told me at that point that "whatever you are about to say will only make things worse" & threatened to kick me out if I continued arguing the point. This reaction completely destroyed my dwindling confidence in his services particularly because my censored words supported his later discussion of adding substance to words with actions. I highly question his professional integrity because his actions are designed more to prolong client relationships rather than to truly help people. Perhaps the best example of this occurred when he discouraged my wife from seeing another therapist with me. When I asked her for this, Mr. Hughes quickly interrupted with the remark "she doesnt have to do that" such that it suggestively discouraged compliance by inaccurately framing my request as a hostile demand." -James Tito (913) 645-4643"
January 1, 2015
Ms. Kathleen Mary Leahy L.C.P.C.
Specializes in Counseling
Address: 1731 North Marcey Street, Chicago, IL 60614
Clinical Interests: anxiety, couples therapy, psychoanalytic therapy ... (Read more)
Dr. Kate Louise Goldhaber PHD
Specializes in Counseling, Psychiatry
Address: 2160 S 1st Avenue, Proviso Twp, IL 60153
Clinical Interests: postpartum depression, depression
Ms. Terese Rosalyn Hefter CMADC, LCPC
Specializes in Counseling
Address: 1731 Marcey St, Chicago, IL 60614
Abbie Kelley
Specializes in Counseling
Address: 2000 N Racine Avenue, Chicago, IL 60614
Phone: 312-485-3669
Clinical Interests: obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), exposure and response prevention (ERP), acceptance and commitment therapy ... (Read more)
Mr. Eric Eugenio-Vironet LCSW
Specializes in Counseling
Address: 9649 W 55th Street, Countryside, IL 60525
Mr. Sean Patrick Cox LCPC
Specializes in Counseling
Address: 2000 N Racine Avenue, Chicago, IL 60614
Clinical Interests: religious/spiritual issues, anxiety, couples therapy ... (Read more)
Mrs. Angela Denise Colville MSW, LCSW
Specializes in Counseling
Address: 1739 N Wilmot Avenue, Chicago, IL 60647
Clinical Interests: self-esteem issues, depression, grief
Mrs. Jennifer C. Froemel L.C.P.C., M.A.
Specializes in Counseling
Address: 1010 Lake Street, Oak Park, IL 60301
Clinical Interests: crisis intervention, personal growth and development, early childhood development ... (Read more)
Mrs. Wendy L. Manto L.C.P.C., M.A.
Specializes in Counseling
Address: 1623 N Western Avenue, Chicago, IL 60647
Clinical Interests: eclectic therapy
Megan Reddy PHD
Specializes in Counseling, Psychology
Address: 675 W North Avenue, Melrose Park, IL 60160
Ms. April Cecille Kilduff LCPC, MA
Specializes in Counseling
Address: 1448 N Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL 60622
Phone: 312-476-9064
Clinical Interests: exposure and response prevention (ERP), cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) ... (Read more)
Ms. Jennifer Beth Henderson ATR, LCPC, MA
Specializes in Counseling, Art Therapy
Address: 2235 S 10th Avenue, Broadview, IL 60155
Dr. Robert Ross Farra PH.D.
Specializes in Counseling, Social Work, Family Therapy
Address: 949 W Madison Street, Chicago, IL 60607
Ms. Kathryn L. Wilford CTC, RPT, LCPC
Specializes in Counseling
Address: 1515 N Harlem Avenue, Oak Park, IL 60302
Nicole M. Bailey ATR, CADC, LCPC
Specializes in Counseling, Psychotherapy
Address: 2302 W North Avenue, Chicago, IL 60647
Clinical Interests: depression, perfectionism, emotionally focused therapy (EFT) ... (Read more)

What is Counseling?

Counseling is a type of professional guidance for handling problems in life. There are many types of counselors, and they serve an incredibly wide variety of people with all kinds of different needs. There are general counselors, marriage and family counselors, school and student counselors, career and vocational counselors, religious counselors, and gerontological counselors specifically for the elderly.

In all cases, counseling works when the client and the counselor talk to each other and develop a trusting relationship. The counselor listens respectfully to the client’s problems. Then the two together work on identifying goals, increasing coping skills to overcome any troubles, and improving useful skills such as communication. The goals of counseling will be different for each person, but generally they include an increased sense of well being, decreased distress and anxiety, resolved crisis, and increased ability and function in daily life.
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