Who's against protection from surprise medical bills?

by jerry on October 19, 2019
Another article on the theme of surprise medical bills: Kaiser Health News published a piece earlier about people who might be lobbying against protections from surprise medical bills. While some physicians have objected to at least part of such protections, the authors of the article indicate that some private equity firms have much to lose if protection from surprise medical bills is legislated, but that those firms are employing lobbyists who do their work seemingly on behalf of physicians.

It is unclear whether the current arrangement gives physicians too much power (which might be the case if physicians largely do not feel the need to enter into network contracts because the alternative is more profitable). It might be that large insurers could start a campaign of only contracting with provider facilities that either do not employ out-of-network physicians or that agree to cover the difference between the cost of those physician services and the cost of in-network services. Presumably, such contractual arrangements would result in higher short-term prices, but would probably result in savings over the long run (and probably much more palatable to patients).