Sustained interest in surprise medical bills

by jerry on February 17, 2019
Kaiser Health News published two interesting articles this month that highlighted patients' struggles with medical bills: the earlier one reviewed some legislative proposals intended to limit patient liability in the case of surprise medical billing and emergency care, while the later one recounted some patient experiences with visiting the emergency room. The sustained interest and coverage regarding medical bills suggest that the nation will likely see some movement in this area, especially if the Democratic party gains control of both Congress and the presidency.

The second article highlights how visiting an out-of-network emergency room can be financially devastating. Normally, insurance will limit a person's annual expenses to a number known as the annual maximum out-of-pocket, which is $7,900 for individuals with ACA Marketplace plans in 2019. However, out-of-network medial care is not subject to that limit, even if that care might be emergency care. Hence, emergencies can be very expensive.