Highlighting a few providers

by jerry on December 03, 2011
We're still improving the interface to allow providers to add information to their profiles. More people than we expected have waded through our imperfect software, and I'd just like to highlight a few so you can see what claimed profiles can look like:

Tara Nelson
Lauren Dahl
Robin Furner
Roland Biron
Sanford Finkel

These providers haven't reached out to us to have their profiles highlighted -- I just thought they were interesting, especially given the biographical information that they added. If you know of a provider that would like to get known in the community, we'd be delighted to have him or her claim the corresponding profile and add information. If you'd like a blog mention, please reach out to us.

In case you're curious, yes, we want to allow providers to upload pictures of themselves. If you have other suggestions on how to streamline the process, please let us know.