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  • Emily Wesolowski
    Dr. Emily L Wesolowski MD

    Pediatrics (Child & Adolescent Medicine)


    Love Dr Emily

    "Dr Emily has been our sons pediatrician since he was born last year. We met her in the hospital after his birth and he required an ..."

    Apr 2017
  • Brett Hailey
    Brett R Hailey MD

    Emergency Medicine


    Fantastic ER doctor

    "I first met Dr Hailey during an emergency visit to Shawnee Mission Health - Prairie Star where he patiently listened to my symptom..."

    Apr 2017
  • Shrusan Gray
    Shrusan E Gray MD

    Obstetrics & Gynecology


    visit 2/17

    "Dr Gray is a super nice caring & compassionate doctor who truly knows her stuff, only problem is long wait times!!! she explained ..."

    Apr 2017