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1 . resultDr. Valerie J Levine CP

Specializes in Psychology

224 S Grove Street
Hendersonville, NC
(828) 698-2727; (828) 237-4384

(rated an average of 4.5 in 4 ratings)

Clinical interests: Asperger's Syndrome, Behavioral Issues, Divorce, Loss or Grief, Relationship Issues, Attention ... (Read more)

Ms. Valerie Levine is a psychologist. Areas of expertise for Ms. Levine include impulse control disorders, coping skills, and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). Patient ratings for Ms. Levine average 4.5 stars out of 5. She honors Blue Cross/Blue Shield, TRICARE, and HealthSmart, in addition to other insurance carriers.

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2 . resultDr. George L Lindenfeld PHD, ABPP, CP

Specializes in Psychology

247 Charlotte Street; Suite 211
Asheville, NC
(828) 335-1300; (828) 365-6216

Clinical interests: Dissociative Disorders, Impulse Control Disorders, Elderly Persons Disorders, ... (Read more)

Dr. George Lindenfeld's specialty is psychology. His clinical interests include weight loss, impulse control disorders, and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). Dr. Lindenfeld honors Health Net, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and TRICARE, as well as other insurance carriers.

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3 . resultMs. Rita Louise Christensen PHD

Specializes in Psychology, Addiction Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Group Therapy

191 E Chestnut Street
Asheville, NC
(828) 250-0829

Clinical interests: Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive/Behavioral, Evaluation/Diagnostic, Existential Psychotherapy, ... (Read more)

Dr. Rita Christensen's areas of specialization are group therapy, psychology, and addiction therapy. Clinical interests for Dr. Christensen include self-harm, phobias, and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). Dr. Christensen is an in-network provider for Blue Cross/Blue Shield, BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina, and TRICARE, as well as other insurance carriers. She has an open panel.

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4 . resultDr. Lewis Charles Carr PHD, ABPP
No Photo

Specializes in Psychology

64 Merrimon Avenue
Asheville, NC
(828) 255-9228

Clinical interests: Theoretical Orientation: Interpersonal, Cognitive/Cog Behavioral, Mood Disorder (e.g., depression, ... (Read more)

Dr. Lewis Carr's specialty is psychology. Dr. Carr accepts Medicare insurance. He speaks French.

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5 . resultDr. James B Harrison PHD

Specializes in Psychology

One Oak Plaza [cor. College & Charlotte]; Suite 206
Asheville, NC
(828) 252-2501; (828) 539-4876

Clinical interests: Advocacy, Behavioral Therapy, Behavioral Medicine, Body Centered Psychotherapy, Case Management, ... (Read more)

Dr. James Harrison's specialty is psychology. Clinical interests for Dr. Harrison include gestalt therapy, aging, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Health Net, Magellan Health Services, and TRICARE are among the insurance carriers that Dr. Harrison honors. Dr. Harrison welcomes new patients.

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6 . resultRobert Lane Godsey PHD

Specializes in Psychology

50 Hospital Drive; Suite 5a
Hendersonville, NC
(828) 684-1115; (828) 489-3211

Clinical interests: Elderly Persons Disorders, Personality Disorders, Impulse Control Disorders, Thinking Disorders, ... (Read more)

Dr. Robert Godsey's specialty is psychology. Clinical interests for Dr. Godsey include impulse control disorders, anger management, and sleep disorders. Dr. Godsey is an in-network provider for several insurance carriers, including MultiPlan, Health Net, and Aetna.

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7 . resultDr. Mindy Erin Pardoll PsyD

Specializes in Child Psychology

12 S Lexington Avenue; Unit 307
Asheville, NC
(828) 407-1588

Clinical interests: Impulse Control Disorders, Cognitive Behavioral (CBT), Forensic Psychology, Attention Deficit ... (Read more)

Dr. Mindy Pardoll works as a child psychologist in Asheville, NC. Her areas of expertise include the following: impulse control disorders, eating disorders, and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT).

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8 . resultDr. Linda S Wilson PHD, CP

Specializes in Counseling, Psychology

233 South French Broad Avenue
Asheville, NC
(828) 254-0749; (828) 564-1297

Clinical interests: Neurofeedback, Theoretical Orientation: Interpersonal, Cognitive/Cog Behavioral, Adjustment ... (Read more)

Dr. Linda Wilson is a counselor and psychologist. Clinical interests for Dr. Wilson include interpersonal psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), and gestalt therapy. Dr. Wilson honors Health Net, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna, and more. She has an open panel.

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9 . resultDr. Madelon Jean Parks PHD

Specializes in Psychology

455 Concord Road
Fletcher, NC
(828) 329-8306; (828) 398-4286

Clinical interests: Cognitive Behavioral (CBT), Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), Psychodynamic, Anxiety or ... (Read more)

Dr. Madelon Parks' area of specialization is psychology. Areas of expertise for Dr. Parks include cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), panic disorder, and interpersonal relationships. She is in-network for Magellan Health Services, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina, and more. She welcomes new patients.

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10 . resultDr. Mitchell L Durham PHD

Specializes in Psychology

35 Clayton Road
Arden, NC
(828) 581-4183

Clinical interests: Bipolar Disorder, Elderly Persons Disorders, Mood Disorders, Psychosis, Dissociative Disorders, ... (Read more)

Dr. Mitchell Durham's specialty is psychology. His areas of expertise include self-harm, weight loss, and impulse control disorders. Dr. Durham is an in-network provider for Out of Network and Medicare insurance.

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11 . resultDr. William (Bill) David Barley PHD
No Photo

Specializes in Psychology

158 Zillicoa Street
Asheville, NC
(828) 254-9494

Clinical interests: Bipolar Disorder, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Community, Coping Skills, Depression, Eye Movement ... (Read more)

Dr. Bill Barley's specialty is psychology. Areas of expertise for Dr. Barley include coping skills, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). He accepts Medicare insurance.

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12 . resultDr. Ashley E Dorough PHD

Specializes in Psychology

68 Sweeten Creek Road
Asheville, NC
(828) 274-2400

Clinical interests: Applied Psychophysiology/Peak Performanc, Board Certified in Biofeedback, Coaching, Cognitive ... (Read more)

Dr. Ashley Dorough practices psychology. Dr. Dorough's areas of expertise include coaching, weight loss, and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). She is an in-network provider for Medicare insurance.

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13 . resultSuzanne Oakley Kirby PHD
No Photo

Specializes in Psychology

1 Oak Plaza; Suite 206
Asheville, NC
(828) 252-2501

Clinical interests: Couples Therapy, Family Therapy, Group Therapy, Individual Therapy, Boys & Men, Anorexia Nervosa, ... (Read more)

Dr. Suzanne Kirby's specialty is psychology. Her areas of clinical interest consist of individual therapy, group therapy, and couples therapy. Dr. Kirby accepts Medicare insurance.

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14 . resultDr. Kathryn J Murphy-Carlson PHD, CP
No Photo

Specializes in Psychology

34 Maxwell Street
Asheville, NC
(828) 775-0995; (828) 254-5356

Clinical interests: EMDR

Dr. Kathryn Murphy-Carlson practices psychology. Her clinical interests encompass eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR). Dr. Murphy-Carlson accepts Medicare insurance.

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15 . resultDr. Elizabeth Leigh Neale PHD
No Photo

Specializes in Psychology, Counseling

50 Reddick Road
Asheville, NC
(828) 298-0186

Dr. Elizabeth Neale's areas of specialization are counseling and psychology. She accepts Medicare insurance.

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16 . resultDr. Shirley Ann Taffel PHD, PSYCHOLOGIST

Specializes in Psychology

172 D Asheland Avenue
Asheville, NC
(828) 253-1004

Clinical interests: Eclectic Therapy, Family/Marital Therapy, Humanistic Psychotherapy, Mindfulness-based Cognitive ... (Read more)

Dr. Shirley Taffel's specialty is psychology. These areas are among her clinical interests: humanistic psychotherapy, eclectic therapy, and family therapy. She honors several insurance carriers, including Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Out of Network, and Behavioral Health Systems.

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What is Psychology?

Psychologists are not medical doctors, but they are important workers in the mental health field. A psychologist studies the way people feel and think, as well as how thoughts and feelings change the way people act. When psychologists work with patients directly to help them feel better, they practice clinical psychology. Clinical psychologists diagnose mental health disorders and provide treatment in the form of therapy.

A clinical psychologist might work with individuals, families, groups, or organizations. They may see people who are struggling to work through difficult circumstances, trying to overcome bad habits or patterns in their lives, recovering from a brain injury, or suffering from mental illness such as depression.

Clinical psychologists are skilled assessors. Through talking to their patients they can: (1) identify which thoughts or feelings are causing the problems in their patient’s life, (2) help their patient acknowledge what emotional strengths they bring to face those problems, and (3) make plans for treatment.

Treatment varies widely depending on the patient’s problems and the psychologist’s areas of expertise. There hundreds of recognized modes of therapy; in addition, a patient may need to see a psychiatrist (medical doctor) for medication treatment. Whichever therapies a psychologist uses, the goal is to help patients see areas in their life where their thoughts or feelings are holding them back and causing distress. Through therapy, psychologists can encourage their patients to develop new ways to adapt so that they can lead happier lives.

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